April 24, 1945


On Palawan, Wayne has finally received orders sending him home.

He writes in his journal:

Today our orders came in and I would be happy except for the recent bad news. Am hoping to get home quickly so as to help alleviate the pain from the emotions for the folks. Surely, he’ll be all right.

The past 15 days have barely crept by Charge of Quarters, guard duty and whatnot; but they were nothing compare to the last two days. Now it doesn’t seem as if there’s a lot to go home to anymore. Just going home is bound to be enjoyable, but how can you enjoy yourself when hearts are breaking around you?

That’s all for tonight. Amen!

There is a little more to come, but this is Wayne’s last entry is his journal.

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4 Responses to April 24, 1945

  1. A sad ending. Homecomings should be joyful and something to look forward to. I guess there are many memories that will haunt and torment these guys for years to come.


  2. Jill Morelli says:

    A fabulous series and a personal accomplishment on your part. Congratulations! We all have appreciated your work and the insight gained in the personal experiences of your relative. Many more will appreciate what you have done in the future.


  3. Mustang.Koji says:

    He was a part of one heckuva generation, sir. And he had to be a superman to have endured all those hours in combat. I thank him.


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