March 9, 1945


In England, Verne writes in his diary . . . .


No mail today. Some time in trainers. Did a little practice shooting with my 45 automatic.1 Read a book called End of the Track.1 A very rough book and a very good one. Chitzler has a quiz book, so we are busy showing how smart we are. So far, I’ve missed. On the battle order for tomorrow, hope it isn’t a rough one. God will bring us safely back.

Notes & Commentary

1 Colt .45 M1911A1 semi-automatic pistol.

“M1911 pistol,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, ( : accessed 6 February 2015).

2 Ward Weaver’s End of the Track, published in 1943, carried a subtitle of “Guns and Girls in a Boomtown”. (

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