February 27, 1945


In England, Verne writes in his diary . . . .


A day of loafing and a very welcome one. Played a little football to limber up. Received about four letters. No pants as yet to wear on pass tomorrow.1 Water is shut off on the field, so I’m not able to take showers. Aileen finally received a $40 money order.2 Thought it was lost after so long. Sure am lonely and blue tonight.

Notes & Commentary

1 Verne sent his pants to be dry cleaned on February 15.

2 Verne sent the money order on January 12 and now, 46 days later, he has received word that his wife received it. How would we in our world of email, instant messaging and cell phones cope in such a world?

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1 Response to February 27, 1945

  1. It’s amazing how we have come to take email and text messaging etc for granted. 46 days is a long time !

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