February 26, 1945


In England, Verne writes in his diary . . . .

02-26-45 – 11th Mission BERLIN

Boy howdy, a mission to Berlin Germany. Was a little worried when we were briefed but the target was obscured by clouds, and it wasn’t so bad. Plenty of flak, but it was very inaccurate. I prayed for it to be a milk run and God answered my wishes. No mail today. Boy sure am tired tonight. Early to bed.

For this trip to Berlin, Verne flew on Boeing-bullt B-17G aircraft #338769 piloted by Maj. James O. Gross. This was the 390th Bombardment Group’s 262nd mission.

Berlin railway stations were again assigned on 26 February to a force of 1,100 bombers. The 390th’s target was the Alexanderplatz station in the Horst Wessel District.

Cloud conditions made pathfinder bombing necessary, and the results of the raid could only be judged only in cries from the Berlin radio, which screamed of “Terror attacks on civilians!”1

Notes & Commentary

1 United States and Albert E. Milliken. The story of the 390th Bombardment Group (H). [New York]: Priv. Print., 1947. p. 75.

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2 Responses to February 26, 1945

  1. suchled says:

    We know now that the end is coming. But for every flight there were casualties who never made it. Thank God I was never involved.


  2. Tony Wilkins says:

    “Terror attacks on civilians!” – I suppose the German bombing of London, Coventry and Sheffield to name a few were tactical targets


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