December 6, 1944


Now in England, Wayne’s brother, Verne, sent a V-Mail letter to his stepmother on December 6, 1944. His return address was given as 571st Bomb Squadron, 390th BG, APO 559 c/o PM, N.Y.N.Y. Based upon the return address, Verne and his combat crew have been assigned to a specific B-17 equipped bombardment group. They are now stationed at an active combat air base.


Dear Sis,

Sorry to be so tardy in my writing but have been busy moving around here and there.

England is quite a bit different than I expected. We can’t say much, sis, but I will try to remember all I can so you had better be thinking of questions to ask me when I get home once again.

I’ve written Dad since arriving but am holding off on further letters until I know whether he is, home or on the job in Washington.

Sure am lonesome for news of home. We haven’t had any mail since our staging area.1 Be nice when it does catch up with us.

If you see any of the folks be sure and pass on my address. Tell Ray and Jean, Tom and Lu, and Granddad and Grandmother Hello.

Love to all.


Notes & Commentary

1 If the staging area to which he refers was Lincoln Army Air Field in Lincoln, Nebraska, he may not have received any mail for almost three weeks. In today’s world of near instant communication, it is difficult to conceive of a time when people could be out of touch with each other for weeks if not months at a time.

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