December 3, 1944


Went to church this morning and took communion. Chaplin Hopkins presided. He explained that communion of the saints meant friendship among the followers Christ rather than visits between St. Mark, Matthew, John and Luke. We learn a new biblical interpretation every day it seems.

Was so nervous during the service that Lt. Tolhurst1 had to help me hold the book, so he could see what we were singing. Feel much better since taking communion. Communion seems to do a good bit of soothing no matter what condition a man is in when he partakes of it. Thank-God for Jesus Christ and the belief in him we have attained.

Wrote Bonnie a letter last night and continued it today. Am going to close for today in the act of mailing it. Adios, my love.

Notes & Commentary

1 Wayne and Harland Robert Tolhurst were members of a combat crew that trained at Columbia Army Air Base in Columbia, South Carolina.

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3 Responses to December 3, 1944

  1. Mustang says:

    Do you know whether Wayne was getting any treatment for his stress?


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