March 14, 1944


A long day with two afternoon classes: Aviation medicine. Intelligence. Both are review.

Eye sore as hell today. Three trips to the infirmary: cold packs on it for an hour each time. Swells up more each day.

Two letters received from you dated 26 and 28th of February. Didn’t write you today, Baby. Can’t see well enough and eyes giving me hell. Right eye is dominant one. I find out can hardly see with the left one. No depth perception. Would I love to have you doctor it and how, darling.

No show tonight and couldn’t go if there were.

Lt. Fincham had bad pain in stomach. Afternoon flight called off. Suits me to a T.

Am signing off account of eye, damn it! Love you, Bonnie, baby.

Notes & Commentary

As a member of a replacement crew headed for the 42nd Bombardment Group, Wayne flew out of Hamilton Field just four weeks ago. Since then, he has been living in a tent lit at night by candles. It has rained nearly every day on Guadalcanal.

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