March 13, 1944


We went out to Carney Field at midnight for the proposed night flight. A B-24 had bogged down on the roadway between Carney and Koli and was blocking the traffic. So no flight and back to bed in the wee small hours.

My eye is killing me this a.m. Took my morning exercise by riding the sick book over to the infirmary. Cold packs for an hour and some saline applied. Over again this afternoon and received hot packs and more salve. They burned me up and my eye ran fluid for two hours. Went back late in the afternoon and received cold packs and a sleeping pill, because I was nervous and going crazy with the burning. Can’t figure out what the hell wrong.

Lay in bed for an hour or two and listened to the picture show Claudia1 as I couldn’t see well enough to attend. Brought back many fond memories, baby, as we saw it together so very long ago it seems.

Had two hours of school in the afternoon: Aerial gunnery and aviation medicine. Very interesting but this schooling is getting awfully dull.

Are supposed to fly this night at 1:00 a.m. Not going up as it won’t do the eye any good.

Received three letters from Bonnie, one from Tommy and one from Bobby. All well and happy, thank God!

Wrote Bonnie a letter and asked her to have tonsils removed. Don’t like the idea of having her go through these backaches and nausea of the stomach. How I love that girl!

So it’s goodnight for another evening. Prayers said and acted upon by the good Lord!

Notes & Commentary:

1 Claudia, released by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in November 1943, was story of a child bride who can’t live without her mother. It starred Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young. See

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