March 4, 1944


Dearest Bonnie,
Today was wonderful, four letters from you and one each from your sisters. That’s more like it and I hereby take a new lease on life. Wrote you a long letter today and mailed it there’s one thing I want to day, however, and that is this. The nicest thing in the world is to know that you and love are waiting for me. Thank God.

Well baby we took “Old 200”1 today and made it again. Just after our second transition as we were taxing back to our revetment the tire blow out. See how good our luck is? If it had happened while we were landing, a crash would have been inevitable. More and more so, each day I know your husband is coming back to you. Like that?

It seems as if we’ll never get to a forward area. Must fly 48 hours here before going, and we have just nine in. That’s going to make it longer in getting home: but it’s supposed to be safer here, however, I doubt that as these planes aren’t too darn good. Lousy, in fact. One has the feeling of climbing in a coffin. Ha! However, I just pray and trust in our Father above.

We had a couple of classes today as well.

Well sweet, that’s about all except we had a USO show tonight. Two men singers from the United States. Very good.

Notes & Commentary:

1 “Old 200”, the jinx plane. The designation “200” refers to the last three digits of the aircraft’s serial number.

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1 Response to March 4, 1944

  1. Lloyd Marken says:

    I bet that warmed the hearts of the lads. And now from the USO two dudes are here to sing to you boys. 😉
    “Uh where’s the babes Sarge?”.
    “Shut up Toolie, that’s Nessun Dorma.”
    “Nissan Dojo? Isn’t that one of the Japanese Admirals?”


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