March 3, 1944


Awoke at 6:30 a.m. today, Bonnie! Awakened lonesome and quite blue for you.

The whole morning dragged. A class in aviation medicine also lasted forever. Lecture on malaria and different mosquito caused diseases such as Dengue Fever and Elephantiasis.1 That last is something for the books, believe you me. It made such and impression on me that I’ve been very careful with mosquitoes since then.

We had some chili for dinner, not very acceptable but one must eat to keep up the resistance. A class of Renshaw this afternoon. Shooting at the enemy, which is superimposed on film. Tough isn’t it? These two hour days are very long and boring.

Mailed you another letter today. Not much news: but it will suffice to let you know that I’m well and very much alive of the fact of my love for you.

Hooray. Bring on the war now. I’m completely ready. 4 letters from my wife as well as one from Arlene and Lizzie.2 Bank night at mail call. Have been awfully worried, but a serene mind certainly does things for people. I want, most of all now, to get up to the front and put these missions in. Times and things are wasting at home.

Heavenly days. I’m happy tonight. Good heavens, its 6:20 and I’ve got to shave before skeeters come out in force.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, three hours school in the a.m. and flying with the jinx plane3 no. 200 tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry, angel. We love to whip those jinx ships. Didn’t we do it the first time of this week? Besides we trust in God, angel.

Notes & Commentary:

1 Dengue Fever ( and Elephantiasis (

2 Arline Gibbons (1924-1999) and Elizabeth Gibbons (1935-1999) Bonnie’s older and younger sisters. See

3 jinx plane, the plane whose engine failed after takeoff earlier in the week.

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