May 21, 1945


Wayne arrived safely in the United States. His voyage appears to have been uneventful, but it was not without peril. Japanese submarines still lurked in the Pacific.

His port of arrival is unknown. After processing, he is shipped by train to Fort Logan1 outside of Denver, Colorado.

Wayne is just one part of a mass of men and women being shipped to and from harm’s way.

Notes & Commentary

1 Located eight miles southwest of downtown Denver, Fort Logan was an active Army base from 1887 until it was closed in 1946. It is now the site of Fort Logan National Cemetery.

“Fort Logan.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. ( : accessed 19 May 2015).

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8 Responses to May 21, 1945

  1. Thank you for this series


  2. suchled says:

    One home. One to come, How many didn’t make it?


  3. GP Cox says:

    He probably came in at San Francisco, but no matter – he was finally home!!

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  4. jfwknifton says:

    There can have been no better feeling than arriving home safe and sound, at least physically. The mental side must be a lot more difficult for homecoming ex-combatants.


  5. Congrats, Wayne! Glad he made it back safe and sound. I hope he gets to relax and his scars aren’t too deep. It’s been a pleasure to here of his exploits in the war. Will you be doing post-war posts? That is, I hope there is a happy ending for him. Thanks for sharing your family with us!


  6. Glad that his voyage home was uneventful 🙂


  7. Mustang.Koji says:

    During the voyage, I can imagine that in the back of many young men’s mind was the unsettling feeling that a torpedo could be launched their way at any time. They were still at war. In addition, sailing those immense oceans was not an ocean cruise. My dad told me that even in 1947, the bow of his transport ship became misshapen after wave upon wave of ocean crashed down upon it during a storm. He has a picture of it.


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