May 1, 1945


No one remembers from what port he departed or on what ship he travelled, but it is remembered that on the first day of May 1945 he started for home.

After one year, three months and nine days overseas in the South Pacific, Wayne was going home.

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8 Responses to May 1, 1945

  1. Pierre Lagacé says:

    Godspeed Wayne


    • John Tokaz says:

      Hi Pierre, About a year or so ago, I saw an internet video in French of a B-25 unit operating in the Pacific which may have been on youtube. Was that your video and was the unit the 42nd BG. Thanks, John PS I don’t speak French.


  2. gpcox says:

    Can anyone even attempt to imagine how they felt when they were sent home ?


  3. suchled says:

    I won’t be happy until I know he’s safe on Yankee soil.


  4. jfwknifton says:

    The best feeling in the world!


  5. Mustang.Koji says:

    After month after month of combat stress, it will not be easy to “forget it”. Every man handled it in his own way. In the long run, I hope your uncle managed to go on with civilian life, both consciously and unconsciously. I hope he realized his bravery gave this world a much, much safer place to live in.


    • a gray says:

      I often wonder how those returning from the war thought of it. Did they really think of their participation of have made the world a safer place to live? I don’t know. What did Old Man Jack have to say on that?

      World War II was a vast killing machine,, with more people dying than since ancient times. When it was over in 1945, the killing did not stop. The killing continued in numerous wars in the Middle East, in China, Indo China, Indonesia, Korea and other places. How are we to understand to the totality of it?


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