March 3, 1945

Saturday In England, Verne writes about his activities while on a pass in London . . . .

03-03-45 Up at 11, took a bath and started looking for silver embroidered wings.1 Found some at Leahy’s tailor shop and sewed them on my blouse. Had an Indian dinner of rabbit curry. Hotter than heck. Almost burnt up. Picked up menus to send home.2 Three air raids in London.

Notes & Commentary 1 Aerial Gunner’s wings. 2Verne had dinner at Veeraswamy. Verne’s three-course rabbit curry dinner cost him the equivalent of $1.00. Veeraswamy, which opened in 1927, was London’s first fashionable Indian restaurant. It still thrives today (2015) at the same location on Regent Street where he had dinner. These are the menus that he collected and sent home: Veeraswamy's - March 3, 1945 #1 Veeraswamy's - March 3, 1945 #2 Veeraswamy's - March 3, 1945 #3 Veeraswamy's - March 3, 1945 #4

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4 Responses to March 3, 1945

  1. suchled says:

    I noticed ‘kummel’ on the wine list. I used to like it a lot but it is now very hard to find. I hope he enjoyed his meal even if the curry was hotter than heck.


    • a gray says:

      I feel certain that dining at Veeraswamy was quite an experience for Verne. I think that is why he saved the Veeraswamy menu and sent it home. He didn’t want forget the evening and he wanted to share it with his family.

      Like so many of those going to war from the United States, Verne and Wayne came from “small town America”. There hometown’s population in 1940 was but 12,250. Their grandparents lived in Denver which had population of 322,000; the total population of his home state, Colorado, was only 1,123,000. Wayne and Verne had been to Los Angeles, which had a population of 1,500,000, to visit their mother, but none of this compared to the Greater London area which had a 1939 population of 8,615,000.


  2. Greetings from India! I am an author and currently writing a history concerning the restaurant mentioned here. May I please have your contact details, and may I please make a request for a copyright permission? SIncerely, Arup K. Chatterjee …

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