January 31, 1945


In England, Verne finished duty crew and he waits for mission tomorrow morning . . . .


Served my guard duty from three a.m. to seven a.m. Was tired and sleepy. Ate breakfast twice. Rained hard as blazes today. Snow is all gone. Quite a bit warmer outside.1 Slept until noon. Had a great meat pie for dinner. Wrote mom a letter. Finished up all my washing. Thought about Aileen and Allen quite a bit today. Sure lonesome for them. Russians eighty miles from Berlin and going strong. Hope they make the grade and end this war. We don’t seem to be doing so good on the western front. Up for mission in the morning. Promises to be rough.

Notes & Commentary

1 After January’s weather, this has to be a relief; however, it may also mean the commencement of a more intense mission schedule.

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