January 26, 1945



Mission for today but it was scrubbed after we were all ready to go. 1 Sure hated it after working in the freezing cold on the guns. New guns and a new ship No. 769. The major2 is going to try and have it assigned to us permanently. Hope we make the grade. No mail today. Ear is still sore3 but almost healed. On battle order again in the morning. Please God help us see it through.

Notes & Commentary

1 Depending on the missions, the crews were up before 4:00 a.m., at the latest, for briefing, breakfast and preparation. This mission appears to have been cancelled at the last minute.

2 Maj. Linn E. Wilde.

3 Verne suffered frostbite to his ear on the mission to Mannheim on January 21.

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