January 9, 1945


Nothing from Wayne, but in England,, Verne wrote in his diary . . .


Assigned a major as a pilot until Sidden returns. He acted as if he would try to keep us if at all possible. Sure is eager. Wants us to be able to take over any position on the ship. Should be good training. Spent part of afternoon learning how to operate the Gee box.1 Sure is a honey as an aid to navigation. No mail today. Washing clothes tonight.

Notes & Commentary

1 “Gee (navigation),” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gee_(navigation)&oldid=636304237 : accessed 1 January 2015).

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1 Response to January 9, 1945

  1. Wayne is quiet. Still shaky and depressed?


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