August 27, 1944


Buffington and I began a Ping-Pong tournament today. There are five series, three games out of five winning a series. Won two series today. Rigged up a very puzzling serve and capitalized on it. Oh well, that’s just an incidental subject out here, but is about as interesting as anything else at the present time.

The news continues to be good out this way and we hoping for an early end to the German campaign.

Visited Johnson last night and picked up the laundry he had done for me. Played a couple of games of Casino to while away the evening. It rained for the 2nd consecutive day and the complaints about New Guinea mud are easily seen. Doesn’t hold a candle to Guadalcanal muck, however.

Wrote several pages on my book, recently and am going to work hard to finish it.

Am getting my Bible sessions each day and reading from five to ten chapters of the New Testament each day. Am at St. John, 15th chapter now. Went to church this morning. Heard a very good sermon by a very good chaplain who holds forth at the 312th Bomb Group.

Sansapor is where we are supposed to move before very long. Rumors have it they are bringing a C-47 plane load of men out of there each day with scrub typhus. Casualties are supposed to be 50% with this disease. Even the Japs had nothing to do with that place. It seems we go in where angels fear to tread. Perhaps that’s why we’re winning the war on both fronts at the same time. Could be.

Bonnie's Fur Coat

Bonnie’s Fur Coat

Heavenly day! We received mail to day for the first time in a month. These came from Bonnie, Tommy, Mom, Dad and Thurmond and Mary Grace. Bonnie bought the fur coat. Seems to think she can fulfill my conditions so I reckon its all right. She gave no description of the coat except that it wasn’t of skunk. That’s a relief at any rate.

All the news seems to be rather good from home. The family is still in an uproar over Bob’s dilemma, but that will work out no doubt. Mom sent some Sentinels1 which are welcome. Bonnie sent three kinds of candy, but can’t expect to receive this for a long time. This moving around isn’t conducive to quick mail delivery. Darn it.

Well it’s time to take my shower and get busy with answers to all these letter that just came in. Will stay home from the show tonight so will be able to do a little catching up.

So long for a while.

Notes & Commentary

Christian Science Sentinel April 1944

Christian Science Sentinel
April 1944

1 The Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly magazine, was published by the Christian Science Publishing Company. Wayne’s mother was a follower of Christian Science, i.e., a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

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2 Responses to August 27, 1944

  1. jkmorelli says:

    Nice touch to include the picture of the coat and the Christian Science Monitor link. Nice.


  2. Ladies looked so much more “lady-like” back then. Very nice post!


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