July 11, 1944


Early Morning. A yearning for what came to pass and will come to pass again.

A woman of fair beauty is a joy forever;
And thou art certainly no exception.
Emerald jewels, your eyes are so clever.
Not a sign there of gross deception
Your hair is a lighted, golden sheen.
Glorified of whom I dream.

Thy lips show lifting curve of youth.
Yea! Thou art the fairest of womanhood.
In the world, none is so versed in truth.
None so sweet, surely none as good.
Thou art all the dreams in a man.
In love with you? Yes, indeed I am.

Here’s the day! Wed and joined we are;
Our love wearing its crown of jewels.
Sparkling and gleaming visions from afar.
In marrying, darling, we’ve followed rules.
Blessed is our union in the eyes of God.
We spoke the solemn vows. We did wed!

In all the ages, a wedding night of revelry,
Did take place. Now came our union rest.
Supple fingers followed curved breasts
White pearls upon fairest of flesh.
This starred eyes, lighted their depths,
Our flames coalesced in union was life’s zest.

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