June 16, 1944


Will have to pay more attention to this diary, am getting awfully far behind with it. Must also get on with my book, too.

This laziness may be all right, but it’s deadly, too. We sweat out the end of our combat tour.

Notes & Commentary

Wayne has flown 20 missions in the last 45 days and has been confined to Stirling Island. I have a sense that he is struggling with ennui and that a certain amount of lassitude is creeping in. I wonder if this was common among airmen at isolated island bases.

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1 Response to June 16, 1944

  1. Pierre Lagacé says:

    On that date, June 16, 1944, Luis Perez-Gomez was shot down over France.


    Last year I knew nothing about that pilot, a Mexican-American who joined the RCAF.

    A love story that never was not meant to be…


    Just wanted to share this story.


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