May 22, 1944


Went bombing to Mioko Island loaded with fragmentation bombs. A beautiful day with great results. 4 hours 10 minutes flying time. Were after bivouac area.1 Plastered the triangular shaped island with buzzing bees. Mioka is located between Duke of York and Rabaul. Bombs walked down both sides of the island just barely in the water between the triangular stream in the target area, plenty of them made a beautiful pattern.

Didn’t get a letter from Bonnie today. Missed that very much. Took a shower and slept all afternoon. Wrote in book at night and also a letter to Bonnie.

Notes & Commentary

1 Wayne flew on one of the 24 B-25s from the 75th Squadron bombed Mioko Island:

May 22 – A new target, a personnel area on Mioko Island, Duke of York Group, was assigned to twenty four Mitchells. At midmorning from medium altitude 288 frag clusters (1728 x 23# bombs) were dropped into the area. Eighty five percent hit the island covering the occupied areas. Numerous fires several billowing smoke to great heights attested to the success of the bombing.

Periodic Activities Summary, 1 May 1944 – 31 May 1944, Headquarters 42nd Bombardment Group (M), 1 June 1944, microfilm B0131, Maxwell AFB, AL: Air Force Historical Research Agency, 1973, frame 1620.

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2 Responses to May 22, 1944

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Perhaps you will mention this in one of your yet unread posts but your uncle’s B-25’s likely flew low altitude bombing runs. Does he mention “para-frag” bombs? These Mitchell’s would fly so low that they rigged up the first parachute-equipped ordnance that would slow the bomb’s descent – to give the bomber just a few more moments to escape the bomb’s concussions…


    • a gray says:

      Except for a low-level mission at Buka Passage on the north end of Bougainville, most of the missions Wayne flies at this time are medium altitude bombing missions against Rabaul, its antiaircraft positions and its airfields. Eventually he transitions to low-level missions, and I believe he speaks then of para-frag bombs.


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