May 20, 1944


Spent all day working on turret. Boresighting, oiling guns, cleaning ship and loading ship with ammunition. A hard day. Replacing turret dome was rough as it was warped all to hell. Fussed plenty until I remember fussing to Bonnie one night about the Army. Then I chuckled and quit fussing.

Wrote letters to mom, dad, and Bonnie. Listened to radio as I wrote Bonnie. Heard “I Love You”1 and “Far Away and Long Ago”2, two of her favorites. Heard a program entitled G. I. Journal3 with Jack Carson and part of the Zero Hour4, Tokyo Rose. She wasn’t doing any bragging today. Possibly because Chinese troops are within an ace of opening the Burma Road.

Read my Bible tonight before going to bed.

Notes & Commentary

1 “I Love You”, by Cole Porter, was published in 1944:

2 “Long Ago and Far Away” was featured in the movie Cover Girl:

3 G. I. Journal was a radio variety show broadcast over the Armed Forces Radio Service. To hear examples of G. I. Journal shows, go to

4 Zero Hour was a Japanese broadcast to the troops in the South Pacific. Iva Toguri D’Aquino, better known as “Tokyo Rose”, was one of the broadcasters. To hear a sample broadcast of the Zero Hour go to

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