May 10, 1944


Two letters from Bonnie and one from mom this morning. Got paid $76.00. Spent the rest of the day writing in this book and penning letter and the new book.

A guy has to use his head in the army. While were at Torokina getting chow from the gunners mess, there was a hell of a pile up. Three mess kits to feed 45 men. So we got a bright idea. Russell and I and went to a tent where we borrowed two mess kits.1 The crowd stampeded after us.

Notes & Commentary

1 In the “Ocean Death” posting of April 29, Wayne mentioned men taking their mess kits and going off to lunch. The enlisted crews of the B-25s that came to Torokina for the special mission on May 9 seem to have come on short notice. Not knowing what was going to happen and not expecting to be there at mealtime, they didn’t bring their mess kits. That posed a problem when it came to eat. Wayne and Russell’s bright idea was to “borrow” mess kits from tents whose occupants were not present.

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