March 18, 1944

Saturday (This is my brother Verne’s birthday!)

This was a slow day, Honey, two classes, gunnery and photography. It was beautiful, though, nice sun with enough clouds to keep it cool. The mud wasn’t as bad as we thought because they put sand all over the walks, which helped considerably!

Saw the picture show His Butler’s Sister1 again. We saw it together in Columbia.

I love a musical out here because singing brings back memories of home. When a song goes through your head, but you haven’t the voice to song it, it’s sometimes a damper on ones spirits. Often have I looked at you sitting in an easy chair with thoughtful eyes and the light reflecting from your golden hair and a song ran through my head which I wanted to sing to you. It wasn’t necessary for my benefit but I wish you could have heard the songs and thoughts that went through my head. If you only knew how many times my sentiment was tuned to you, dear. Many times when you didn’t know something was brewing in this dark head of mine, when my eyes glowed with love and happiness.

A funny thing. Woke up last night, sitting up straight on my cot. It seems I’d dreamed Germany had quit the war. The headlines in my mind were simple and vivid. In big black block type were the word’s “Germany Surrenders”. Huge battles loom in the Pacific, but most of all, there was a Pacific Ocean stretching for miles a path of light leading into the moon. Silhouetted there was you, baby, and we were winging our way home. And then, your husband awoke!

Wrote you a letter and mailed it. I also wrote one to Jimmy,2 one to Mom.3 I wrote Grandma Gray4 a letter few days ago. Don’t know whether or not I mentioned it before.

Odd, how Saturday nights are the big ones of the weeks back home, but just another day and dull evening out here. Honestly, it’s disgustingly dull out here. We’ve been receiving old schooling again and are now organized into flights. We have twelve missions to put in before we go up to the front lines. We’ll live through that however!

Major Barlow is still trying to organize a squadron. Don’t know whether or not he’ll succeed! Hope so.

Spent long moments before going to bed, with your picture and my flashlight. Gives me a sense of rest to see you completely at ease and smiling! Goodnight baby! Read some more Bible, too.

Notes & Commentary:

1 His Butler’s Sister, a romantic comedy, was released in November 1943 by Universal Pictures. It starred Deanna Durbin, Franchot Tone, and Pat O’Brien. See

2 Jimmy, James Fred Castles, Jr., Wayne’s brother-in-law, an Infantry officer serving in North Africa.

3 Mom, Mary Gladys Searles

4 Grandma Gray, Etta Elizabeth Roberts.

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4 Responses to March 18, 1944

  1. Lloyd Marken says:

    I don’t want to get all religious but I wonder how helpful his faith was in these times of trouble. Whether you believe in a God or not, Faith seems to be give some people incredible resilience. Maybe we’ve lost something in that that they had.


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