March 11, 1944


Honey, a very dull day. Only one class and that was called “Weather”. Stuff that concerns the radio operator only. All in the day’s works, though.

Showered several times today. Am wondering if it will ever stop.

Received two V-mail letters from mom, but that is all in the way of mail. One took just 11 days to get here. The quickset yet. Probably because it comes directly from the West Coast. Wrote an answer to dad’s letter also. He wrote from Dodge City, where as you know he’s having the rotten bone removed from a previous a broken leg.1 Doggone, he’s had a terrific time with that leg.

We attended the open-air theatre and saw Bombers Moon2, a picture I’d seen before. I think it was with you, dear, under more interesting conditions. How about that? George Montgomery and Annabelle!

That’s about all that happened except that I did read more Joshua in the Bible and thought about you after the nightly mosquito hunt under the netting. Prayers and bed. I wake up several times every night and find my elbows against the netting with an army of mosquitoes in attendance. That’s the whole day in a nutshell, Honey, so goodnight, sweet dreams, and many more of them. Love, Wynne

Notes & Commentary:

1 While the surgical procedure that Wayne’s dad, Thomas Jason Gray, had at the hospital in Dodge City is not further identified, a surgeon friend suggests that he may have had chronic osteomyelitis (infection in bone). “The surgical procedure could have included curettage of bad bone area, basically chiseling out the infected area and hoping that it would then heal. Prior to the surgery, he might well have walked normally on the leg, but it would have had a chronically draining wound.”

2 Bomber’s Moon premiered in July 1943. Produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, it starred George Montgomery and the French actress, Annabella. See George Montgomery had a film and television career that began in 1935 and ran for 50 years. See,asc&explore=title_type&ref_=asrtt_sm.

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