March 8, 1944


Dear Bonnie:
Not a blessed thing to report today, Honey, except the wonderful blessing of three letters from you. My love, you’re simply a divine woman.

Went out to fly this afternoon; but not much luck! The General called our boss1 in for a conversation on the “H”2 and using it as a cannon firing invasion ship. As a result, we sat around all afternoon with exactly nothing to do.

Wrote you a letter and mailed it today. Must write my father soon. Saw an open-air movie last night Whispering Ghosts3 with Milton Berle. Very zany and we got quite a few laughs out of

Sgts. Stallsworth and Cooper went to New Caledonia yesterday.

Read some more of the Bible: am in Joshua now!

Seehorn repeated some Bible verses as we bedded down last night. I made the nightly search for mosquitoes and various animals under the net. Said my prayers and retired for the evening. I thought quite a bit about you, dearest, as I do every night.

Adios, sweetheart

Notes & Commentary:

1 Lt. Harold Dean Fincham?

2 “H”, B-25H.

3 According to IMDb, Whispering Ghosts is the story of an “actor who plays a detective on a radio show and his sidekick get it into their heads to try to solve a murder that had been committed several years previously.” Released by 20th Century Fox in October 1942, the movie starred Milton Berle, Brenda Joyce, and John Carradine. See

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