March 1, 1944


Dear baby,
This has been the slowest and longest day since arrival here. Have spent the entire time writing a letter to you and Shorty,1 reading magazines and using my sack (bed) for lounging in. As usual, I am thinking constantly of you and wanting your presence near me.

We were scheduled for two classes, but these fell through.

We lost a B-24 today on practice bombing. It landed on the ocean, remained afloat for 8 minutes, but no one was seen to escape.2 Rough! I guess! Hell, I know‼

The picture show interrupted, baby, please forgive me for setting this aside. There’s so little to do around here that we all grasp eagerly for and diversion. We’re beginning to wonder if we’ll ever go up to where there’s a war on. The skeeters near ate me alive at the picture show. They bite through a person’s clothes. Guess we can withstand the little pests. Lots of others have before us.

It rained again today, and my freshly washed clothes of three days ago are still sopping wet.

Gee how I miss you, darling. If only we were together this night. I’ll bet it’s a beautiful evening in Columbia.

The picture tonight, as one of the fellows remarked, will definitely not win the Academy award.

Well, angel face, it’s time for a few pages of the Bible and my prayers, so I will bid you goodnight.

Notes & Commentary:

1 “Shorty”, Wayne’s brother, Verne Richard Gray.

2 I have unable to find any documentation for this reported loss.

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2 Responses to March 1, 1944

  1. Lloyd Marken says:

    Lots of casualties come from training exercises. Sad loss.


  2. a gray says:

    Equipment failure, weather, pilot error — a lot could happen, as we shall see. Also, rumors abound..


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