July 6, 1945


Two days after the Fourth of July, Kenneth Cline wrote his last letter from England. That letter was to his wife. It said that he had been told that they are leaving in the morning.

No one alive today knows when he arrived home. It is believed, though, that he made it home in time for the birth of his son at the end of the month.

Notes & Commentary

And so, like Wayne, Ken goes home to the love and embrace of his family. Like Wayne, he also returns to the sorrow of lost friends and family members who have been killed. As we are so often reminded, the war touched everyone no matter where they lived or who they were. No one escaped.

I wonder if in the dark hours some didn’t remember a few lines from a strange poem written after another great conflagration. Did verses from The Hollow Men wander occasionally through their minds: http://allpoetry.com/The-Hollow-Men?

. . . . . for those who follow Wayne’s Journal, there will be nothing more until 02 August.

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