January 30, 1945


In England, Verne gets a break from missions . . . .


Resting up after our missions by shoveling snow, cleaning latrine and pulling guard duty. Sure hate being duty crew because I’m so doggone tired tonight. Have been trying to get laundry done all day. Quite a bit of it. No mail from home for another day. Pretty fed up with lack of mail. Sleepy tonight but still have guard duty. Cigarette ration back to seven packs.1

Notes & Commentary

1 “. . . back to seven packs” [a week]. As reported previously in Wayne’s Journal, there was a severe shortage of cigarettes in the winter of 1944/45. The situation was so severe that the House Agricultural Committee started an investigation of the situation. See Wayne’s Journal Notes & Commentary, May 19 1944 (http://waynes-journal.com/2014/05/18/may-19-1944/).

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