March 2, 1945


In England, Verne writes in his diary . . . .


On pass this morning and up to London. Stepped out with two soldiers and a sailor. Went to Covent Gardens and the Paramount dance hall.1 Got pretty liquored up and had a very nice time. Spent the night at Knightsbridge Red Cross. Wasn’t very anxious to run around since I am pretty darn tired from the last five missions.

The Covent Garden Opera House, which had been converted to a night club, and the Paramount Dance Hall were popular night spots. Photographs (including infrared photographs) taken by David E. Scherman for LIFE magazine show a vibrant London nightlife in spite of the blackout.1

Notes & Commentary

1 “The Passion of Former Days: Connecting to the people of the past through pictures” ( : accessed 23 January 2014) and ( : accessed 23 January 2014).

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